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Snowdon Theatre

Snowdon Theatre, DancerDaniel John Crighton is  the architect  of the Snowdon Theatre, a well-known art deco building which has an extremely impressive interior by Emmanuel Briffa. Please join us for a guided tour of this building, in English and French.

Date: Wednesday , Oct 30th 2013
Please note that this  tour will be  given on a Wednesday and not  a  Tuesday
Time:   6:00 PM sharp at the entrance to the Snowdon metro to note several art deco apartment blocks while we walk to the theatre (about three blocks)
6: 20 PM in front of the theatre at 5225 – 5233 Décarie (for those of  you who wish to walk less)

Cost: art deco members  $ 5, non-members $10

Special request: as the cinema is now a gym, please bring slippers or running shoes not worn outside or be  prepared to walk in  your socks or barefeet. You may take  photo of the interior but please do not include any of  the children.

After the  tour of the Snowdon Theatre join us  for supper at The Peking Garden  restaurant, located at  5339 Queen Mary Road a little west of  Decarie Boulevard.

The telephone number is 514-484-9139.

Reserve for 7: 30 PM and do mention that you are with Art deco Montreal .

We are looking forward to enjoying your company.